I may be going back to Mauritius soon, for about 2 weeks. I’ve already got a ticket to Mauritius, but I’m still on the waiting list for a return flight. I’ll be flying to Mauritius on the 24th of December if I manage to get a place on the plane back to Perth. I’m trying to get back to Perth around the 7th of January. I haven’t been back to Mauritius for two years now. I’m looking forward to a nice holiday. Next year my sister is going to Singapore to study a Masters in biomechanical engineering, and it will be harder for the whole family to meet then.

Mel and I did the Christmas presents early this year. She got me a nice set of speakers and I got her a Yamaha keyboard. It’s a music-themed Christmas for us :-) The new speakers sound much better than my old ones, especially at high volume. I’ve been listening to them ever since I got them. The neighbours probably don’t like me much right now!

We also bought some presents for my family this weekend. Now I need that airplane ticket for the flight back, or I’ll end up sending the presents by post. If anyone knows the MD of Air Mauritius, put in a word for us yeah? (hah, typical Mauritian mentality :P)

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